A Guide to Not Just Survive, But Thrive During Menopause

As a male in his late thirties, I’m no specialist on menopause. And, I’m most likely not the very first individual Amanda Thebe, the author, wanted to evaluate her book: Menopocalypse – How I Found out to Flourish Throughout Menopause, and How You Can Too.


As one of her other readers more candidly put it, “Amanda takes the idea of thriving as you go through the menopause shitstorm to a new, super-practical level.”



Menopause isn’t something that I will go through personally, however I have numerous female customers who have actually been through or will go through menopause.


It is likewise something my partner will ultimately experience.


Being notified on the topic will assist me to comprehend what they are going through. In the past, when I have actually attempted to do some research study on menopause to find what my customers are dealing with, I’ve discovered a restricted quantity of sincere, helpful, useful recommendations.


Amanda repairs that with her book. It’s refreshingly sincere. Rather of the sterilized, textbook-style books or the random post I was restricted to in the past, I now have a far much better understanding of what ladies need to deal with who are going through menopause.


Amanda composes with harsh sincerity and humor about her individual experience. She information the baffled and discouraging journey from a super-fit 43-year-old individual fitness instructor to having a hard time with crippling tiredness, queasiness, and severe state of mind swings and how she conquered this.


She describes how she determined that modifications to diet plan, workout, and psychological health were the secret.


Sharing her story assists the reader gain insight into what it resembles to endure menopause. This honest account of her menopause experience integrated with the current clinical proof to support her individual experience is a vital guide.


Menopause isn’t an amusing topic, however Amanda handles to make you laugh with no filter, straight-talking humor.


Prior to reading this book, I would have presumed that menopause was something to be endured, suffered, and sustained, however Amanda’s book puts a remarkably favorable spin on things.



She shares how she:


  • Reduced weight
  • Enhanced her sleep
  • Ditched anxiety
  • Discover the time and inspiration to workout
  • Upgraded her diet plan


She achieved this not simply to make it through however prosper.


She likewise offers a detailed guide for you to accomplish the very same.


While Amanda’s story need to provide ladies a sense of hope and positivity about menopause, none of it is sugar-coated.


She doesn’t attempt to encourage you it’s all sunlight and rainbows.


Rather, the proactive, favorable actions you can take are all provided in a frank, notified, and amusing style. Making this a vital, useful, and amusing guide on how to prosper through menopause.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.