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A Grand ‘Destiny 2’ Season 18 And Lightfall Theory To Make Sense Of The Mystery

Destiny 2 has moved into a phase where they don’t want to tell us essentially anything about upcoming content until the day it launches, something that I would deem a lackluster marketing strategy, but hey, Bungie can do what it wants.

In the past week or so, we have been told that we will not hear anything significant about season 18 until the day it launches, August 23, where there will be a big Destiny showcase that also focuses on Lightfall, next year’s expansion. We were also told we wouldn’t be hearing which Destiny 1 raid was coming back until that day either, even though it launches just three days later. It seems increasingly likely we’re not going to be learning details of Arc 3.0 until it’s live in the game either, which is what happened with Solar 3.0.

Why? Why is this such a mystery? As I said in a video I made yesterday, I believe this is not the same category of silence as Bungie taking a step back from social media due to recent threats, as it’s more of a marketing decision. And one idea is that all these things are linked together in a way where if you reveal one, you in effect would reveal them all, which is why they’re all being grouped together and debuted at once.

So, you want a grand theory? Here’s a grand theory. I’m not saying I necessarily believe this theory, but it’s one explanation. There are many pieces here:

1. Destiny players have been requesting a SIVA season for many, many years now, given that they enjoyed both the storyline in Rise of Iron, and Warmind was a well-received early D2 DLC.

2. Over the years, I have seen Bungie specifically say they have absorbed feedback about the community’s desire to return to SIVA, though so far, that’s only manifested in some exotic ornaments, and the return of Outbreak Prime itself.

3. While Rasputin was a major part of the storyline in the seasons before Beyond Light, he was “shut down” when the Darkness showed up. We know that Ana Bray took him off of Mars in an Engram, and is currently building him a special exo body to try and restore him in some capacity. Further lore hints he may return under the name “Archangel.”

4. The Witch Queen had a tease about a place called Nefele Stronghold, a secret human outpost Rasputin was keeping hidden from everyone.

So, SIVA and Rasputin are the grand unifying force for everything that comes next:

  • The theory would be that season 18 marks the return of Rasputin and the reintroduction of SIVA as a concept in some capacity. The season could be about restoring his body as further threats from the Darkness loom, and giving him back some of his power. We know he contributed to helping stop the Collapse before, and as a second Collapse looms, we may need him to help do it again.
  • Season 18’s raid would therefore be Wrath of the Machine, the SIVA-based Rise of Iron raid. It is the less obvious pick than King’s Fall so it would be a surprise. Like Vault of Glass arrived during a Vex season, Wrath could arrive during a SIVA season. It’s also not entirely impossible it could be integrated into the story somehow, even if Vault of Glass wasn’t.
  • Enter Lightfall, an expansion that everyone believes will be about the Traveler being attacked in some direct way, which again, would require one of earth’s greatest defenders, Rasputin, to step up and help. Everyone also expects this expansion to introduce a fifth subclass, as The Witch Queen did not, and now all 3.0 subclasses will be finished. While the common theory has been the poison/decay subclass, we could also see the realization of another old theory, some sort of SIVA-based class where I don’t know, SIVA mixes with darkness energy to become a power that Guardians can control. We get a slate of SIVA-based powers and SIVA becomes a new damage type. Rather than filling the “green” poison slot, we get a debut of the “red” element instead, which seems like the other likely color theme if the ultimate goal is for Destiny to have three light and three dark subclasses and damage types when all is said and done.

I suppose I could even weave Arc 3.0 in there, as it could be part of the story in season 18 given that Rasputin is a machine and Arc is Light-infused electricity, but since Solar 3.0 didn’t have a story component, who knows.

Again, all of this could be a massive swing and a miss, which is why I’m not actually putting eggs in this basket. I’m just saying it could explain why nothing is being teased and everything is being saved for one specific reveal on August 23. Maybe it’s all unlinked, I don’t know, but it would make more sense if the answer was something like this. We’ll see.

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