A deluge of feedback in a turbulent week

Great early morning.

It’s Friday, so some feedback, in which I’ve been deluged this unstable week. One participant just stated “go to hell,” another implicated me of being a kid trafficker, a 3rd sent out a selfie of his middle finger.

I’ll share a few of the more articulate ones. Numerous CEO Daily readers stay persuaded that the November election was misshaped by scams. 

“The evidence is all over the place if you want to look for it…voting laws being change by officials when that is the purview of only state legislatures…reversal of hundreds of thousands of votes in the wee hours of the morning…hundreds of sworn affidavits of from people who witnessed many violations and ballot stuffing.”
Registered Nurse

“It is a shame when you won’t recognize voter fraud when the evidence has been clearly presented.  Nothing to see here folks, move along. Pathetic.”

TD recommended that the view the election was filled with scams has actually ended up being so commonly shared that it requires to be dealt with. His tip:

“What if Biden created a huge commission, headed by the most conservative figures imaginable, to thoroughly evaluate this?”

Possibly that would assist.  However if individuals haven’t been persuaded by Trump’s Chief law officer, Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, the election authorities of all fifty states and the judges in more than 60 courts, why would they be persuaded by a commission?

A number of participants likewise questioned why the attack on the Capitol developed such media outrage, when the violence that accompanied this summertime’s racial demonstrations did not.

“After spending months glossing over, downplaying, and denying significantly more violent, more destructive, and more widespread violence, all of a sudden, we’re supposed to be upset when extremists on the right take a page out of the same playbook?”

Then there was this discuss my note that lots of magnate were wishing for divided federal government, to temper the predispositions of the Democrats’ progressive wing.

“A few of your readers like me are Democrats who are alleviated that the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats. I’m so sick of the ‘progressive’ fear mongering. Joe Biden is a moderate. 

And lastly this, in reaction to my rhetorical concern about how democracy can make it through in a world where truths are up for grabs:

“It survives by leaders starting to tell the truth about issues and events. It starts by leaders realizing they have been elected to serve the people and the nation not themselves. It starts by holding those responsible for this s–t show accountable. It starts by people like you that have a platform and the respect of many many folks compelling leaders forward away from their self serving attitudes and behavior.”

I’ll end with that. Happy the week is practically over. More news listed below. And make certain to check out David Z. Morris’ instructional analysis of what occurred Wednesday here. 

Alan Murray


Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.