A Brief History of Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is an actress, writer, singer, and advocate. Born in Miami, Florida, in 1954, she grew up watching “Bonanza,” “Catch Me If You Can”Cheers.” She later began her career on television, appearing on sitcoms, including “Bonanza,” before landing notable supporting roles on teen comedy movies and the 1999 film, Bring it on.

Union moved to New York City at a young age to pursue acting. In addition to “Bonanza”Cheers,” Union also had a long stint on Broadway performing as a dancer in “Amadeus,” “Aida,” and “The Wedding Singer.” She also found success with the musical “Othello,” and went on to star in and produce “Irene,” which was adapted from a stage play about a woman who falls for a married man and tries to break off their relationship.

Gabrielle Union then pursued an acting degree at New York University and continued to work in television before landing a leading role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.” She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Vivian Maier in that movie. In the meantime, Union had also been hired by Quentin Tarantino as an extra for his films, including “Jackie Brown.”

With her breakthrough role, Union was quickly signed up to work with Tarantino and was eventually cast as a series regular on his popular TV show, “Pulp Fiction.” Union’s first two films earned her an Academy Award nomination, while her third movie earned her another Oscar nomination.

Union has also written several books, including “The Good Shepherd”The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Dog is Eat It.” She also co-directed a documentary called “Songs of Love” and is currently in pre-production on a screenplay based on the true story of her mother’s murder.

Union’s most recent book, “The Bad Seed,” tells the story of a mother who was murdered because she would not allow her son to use drugs. The book is a fictional account of the story but features some similarities to real-life mother-son drug abuse cases.

One of Union’s other most popular roles is as the mother in “The Blind Side,” a biopic on the childhood years she spent in foster homes as a single parent. She received an Academy Award nomination for her role as Sister Helen Keller, an African-American single mother who worked for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Chicago. Sister Helen’s appeal to the Catholic Church during the 1960s and 1970s sparked a movement, which eventually resulted in the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972.

Union is also known for being one of the few African-American celebrities who has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. In this film, she plays the role of civil rights leader, Rosa Parks. She was nominated despite a troubled past and was criticized at the time for her choice of costume. She received criticism for appearing in what many people saw as a politically-motivated role, but it eventually became a box-office hit and has since become a cultural icon.

Union has also appeared in films featuring gay characters and topics. She was one of the original stars of “Will & Grace,” a popular sitcom that featured gays in the ‘New York City’ area who were raising their families.

During the 1980s, she also appeared in films and TV shows focusing on civil rights issues, such as “Reality Bites: The Real Story of Food Allergy”The Naked Truth.” She also received a Critic’s Choice Award for her contribution to these projects.

In addition to acting, Union is an accomplished writer. She has written several books including a non-fiction book, “The Good Shepherd.” Her most famous book, “The Bad Seed,” tells the story of a young girl whose mother dies of drugs and drug addiction.

While not much is known about Union’s personal life, it is known that she has been married to an abusive husband. However, she has also said that she is in a relationship with her “little man,” her stepson.