9 DC and Marvel comic book TV Christmas specials to watch right now

Couple of occasions call in the yuletide season like the television Christmas unique. And there’s absolutely nothing rather like seeing our preferred costumed heroes let their hair down and enter some merry mutant mischief — or simply collect around a table with some superfriends.

So, go on, get a plate of cookies and a glass of milk and delight in some seasonal cheer with the wombo combination of the superhero vacation television special.

Batman: The Animated Series

The Joker, dressed for Christmas, addresses the audience in front of a blazing hearth, in “Christmas with the Joker,” from Batman: The Animated Series.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Christmas with the Joker” (S1 Ep 28)

There aren’t numerous locations where you can see the Joker riding a rocket camouflaged as a Christmas tree, which’s a genuine criminal offense. The good news is, Batman: The Animated Series resolves that issue in “Christmas with the Joker.” Batman and Robin aren’t unsusceptible to the magic of Christmas Eve, not that the Dark Knight would ever desire anybody to understand.

However when the Joker gets away from Arkham Asylum, hint the vacation hijinks! Without any household to commemorate the season with, Joker snatches his own “Awful Lawful Family” of Gotham do-gooders — Commissioner Gordon, Summertime Gleeson, and Harvey Bullock. Festooned in child clothing, massive vacation bows, and sweet walking cane pacifiers, the 3 captives wait as Batman and Robin should make their method through the Joker’s twisted take on the Nutcracker Suite.

The episode is reassuring, ridiculous, and the very first Batman: The Animated Series looks of both Robin and Joker. See? A little something for everybody, similar to Santa planned.

Batman: The Animated Series is offered to stream on HBO Max.

Justice League

Clark Kent arrives home to the Kent family farm with two enormous wrapped presents held easily in his super-strong arms, in Justice League Unlimited.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

“Comfort and Joy” (S2 Ep 23)

Justice League’s “Comfort and Joy” is commonly considered as among the very best superhero vacation specials out there, and it’s simple to see why. There’s a little silliness, a great deal of enjoyable, which unforeseeable tear-jerker minute. Having actually conserved a world from damage, numerous members of the Justice League head house for the vacations. That’s where the episode gets gotten into 3 smaller sized stories.

Green Lantern and Hawkgirl experience the pleasures of snow angels and snowball battles prior to winding up in an Intergalactic bar battle (naturally). Flash does his finest to discover the most popular toy of the season (D.J. Rubber Ducky) for the kids at Central City orphanage, just to be disrupted by the shenanigans of the big-brained bad guy the Ultra-Humanite.

Then there’s Superman, who likes Christmas a lot he still thinks in Santa, and persuades the Martian Manhunter to invest the vacation with him in Smallville. J’onn is still grieving the loss of the whole Martian race, understands absolutely nothing about Christmas customs, and isn’t precisely up for commemorating. Still, he unwillingly accepts Clark’s welcome.

The genuine magic of the episode is all in Smallville as J’onn discovers the pleasures of the season. Getting to see what makes Christmas unique through fresh eyes, well, it is bound to melt even the Scroogiest of hearts.

Justice League is offered to stream on HBO Max.

Fixed Shock

Static raises his electrified hands above his head, preparing to power the lights of a Christmas tree, in Static Shock.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

“Frozen Out” (S2 Ep 5)

“Frozen Out” illustrates the origin of Permafrost (Maureen Conner), a lady efficient in enjoying havoc in the type of severe cold, blizzards, and unsafe icicles. Fixed at first discovers the homeless Permafrost as she pleads for cash on the street. Virgil is too hectic running errands and brushes her aside. A couple of days later on Fixed areas Maureen once again, this time getting tossed out of the shopping mall after being implicated of taking precious jewelry. Virgil chooses to see if he can discover more about the lady from his regional pastor. Reverend Anderson tellsVirgil more about Maureen and how she wound up without a house after the death of her mom and overlook of her dad.

Permafrost appears set on damage and winds up battling Fixed with an effective blast of icy-cold frost. Virgil attract her by informing her how he lost his mom and asks Maureen about her life. She lets her guard down and informs Virgil her story and how she just wishes to be seen, like everybody else.

Fixed Shock was never ever scared to deal with social problems and it’s good to see that hasn’t altered with their Christmas episode. It’s likewise among the uncommon episodes to illustrate other vacation customs like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. In general, “Frozen Out” is an excellent pointer of what the holiday is everything about.

Fixed Shock is offered to stream on HBO Max.


The characters of Ducktales (2017) gather around to sing Christmas carols.

Image: Disney Tv Animation

“Last Christmas!” (S2 Ep6)

DuckTales isn’t precisely a superhero program, however we’re letting it move for the enduring contributions that Carl Barks has actually made to comics. “Last Christmas” admires 1983’s renowned Mickey’s Christmas Carol, as a time-traveling tromp through Scrooge’s past, total with emo teenager songwriter Scrooge.

Dewey examines a curious thumbs-up originating from Uncle Scrooge’s space just to discover Scrooge hanging with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. It ends up that Scrooge doesn’t really dislike Christmas, simply all the duties that go along with it. Each year Scrooge hangs out with his ghost buddies to let opt for a bit. Dewey drawbacks a flight on the bathrobes of Christmas Future in the hopes of seeing his long-lost mom Della as a young duck. Regrettably, Dewey falls off and gets lost in time.

The episode is a creative mix of fond memories and sentimentality as Scrooge and Dewey search for their method back to McDuck Manor and contact us with what Christmas indicates to them. There’s likewise an outright gold mine of disorderly DuckTales weirdness included for excellent step. There are many surprise gems — from callouts to the 1980s series, to the computer game — brand-new and old fans will discover cause for event.

Ducktales is offered to stream on Disney Plus.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) knock back beers at the Christmas dinner table in Legends of Tomorrow.

Image: Warner Bros. Tv

“Beebo the God of War” (S3 Ep 9)

Sure, “Beebo the God of War” highlights common Christmas unique styles of time travel and hard-to-get vacation toys, however it does so in the finest possible method. It’s a minute of levity in the program’s 3rd season after the death of Teacher Martin Stein, and the authors certainly milk every ounce of happiness from the holiday with a descent into trippy-toy-inspired-chaos.

Thanks to a time accident, the Legends find a group of Vikings led by Leif Erikson in a location called New Valhalla. Not just has the group of Vikings raised the most popular toy of 1992 (Snuggle Me Beebo) to god status, they’ve likewise recorded a young Martin Stein. If this seems like a Viking variation of Back to the Future, well that’s due to the fact that it sort of is. The episode is chock-full of referrals to the popular Michael J. Fox film-franchise. In general, the episode functions as a fitting homage to Stein and offers the Legends some closure while still preserving its Christmas beauty. Plus, did we point out the animatronic puppet worshipped as a god? What more could anybody desire from a vacation unique? All hail Beebo.

Legends of Tomorrow is offered to stream on The CW app and Netflix.

The Brand-new Batman Experiences

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, wearing ridiculous and large hats, point at each other and laugh in The New Batman Adventures.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

“Holiday Knights” (S1 Ep 1)

It wouldn’t be Christmas without holly and ivy, even if it is the toxin kind. The really first episode of The Brand-new Batman Experiences — noted as season 3 of BTAS on HBO Max — is the three-part “Holiday Knights.” Depressed about their existing monetary scenario, however Harley Quinn and Toxin Ivy have actually got a strategy to turn their vacation humbugs around. The 2 abduct Bruce Wayne, and as soon as under among Ivy’s mind-control kisses, he can’t withstand taking the sneaky set shopping. The emphasize of the episode can be found in the type of a legendary shopping montage. Ultimately, Bruce leaves their smart clutches and chases them around the outlet store.

The 2nd vignette functions Batgirl, Harvey Bullock, and Renee Montoya as they fight Clayface in a very ridiculous Santa-inspired caper. The last vignette includes Commissioner Gordon, Batman, and Robin who collaborate to stop the Joker prior to he can utilize his sonic gadget on numerous unwary New Year’s Eve revelers at Gotham Square who are all using complimentary Joker masks. “Holiday Knights” is a wondrous episode and an excellent intro to the prolonged Bat-family.

The Brand-new Batman Experiences is offered to stream on HBO Max.

The Flash

The West family celebrates Christmas with friends, cheering as Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) tops the family tree with an angel in The Flash.

Image: Warner Bros. Tv

“The Man in the Yellow Suit” (S1 Ep9)

Everybody need to have a speedster like Barry Allen (The Flash) around to assist them install vacation decors. In “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” the Flash faces his bane and mom’s killer, the Reverse Flash. The episode isn’t possibly the typical Christmas fodder, however it does tick a couple of boxes on the list of Superhero Christmas Unique must-haves. There are confessions of love, with Barry lastly confessing his sensations for Iris West, and surprises of all kinds.

The reward of the episode can be found in lastly learning who has actually been haunting The Flash all this time, and it doesn’t dissatisfy. “The Man in the Yellow Suit” makes the list due to the fact that seeing Barry challenge his conflicted feelings about the vacations without those we enjoy is quite effective.

The Flash is offered to stream on The CW app and Netflix.

The Tick

The Tick and Arther look aghast over the body of Santa, in The Tick (1994).

Image: Saban International

“The Tick Loves Santa” (S2 Ep10)

Saturday Early morning animations anybody? In the 90’s kids were dealt with to a constant weekend early morning diet plan of cereal with more sugar than two-dozen Christmas cookies and some sweet, sweet animations. The Tick makes its mark on the Vacation list, total with its oddball funny bone.

The Tick actually likes Santa. So, when Santa goes on a criminal offense spree and appears to get electrocuted by a neon indication, the Tick falls under misery. The good news is his pals Arthur, American House Maid, Drain Urchin, Pass Away Fledermaus, Feral Young Boy, and 4 Legged Male exist to cheer him up. A despondent Tick doesn’t feel similar to commemorating however never ever fear, the genuine Santa assists get Tick back into action.

It ends up Santa isn’t actually a criminal or dead! Rather, the wicked Several Santa lags the string of burglaries and chaos. The Tick returns to his ridiculous hero self in the nick of time to conserve the city and commemorate Christmas in real Tick style.

The Tick is offered to stream on Hulu.

Jubilee lifts a giant star for the X-Men’s Christmas tree in X-Men: The Animated Series.

Image: Marvel Home Entertainment

“Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas” (S4 Ep12)

This episode has whatever an X-Men fan might desire. Grumpy Wolverine? Examine. Rogue and Jubilee embellishing a tree? Examine. Relationship discord with Gambit and Jean Grey? Examine.

Gambit and Jean Grey quarreling in the cooking area is among the most renowned scenes of 90’s animations, and the whole episode deserves looking for that alone. If that doesn’t encourage you then possibly Storm’s vacation gown in an orange tiger stripe pattern will. The majority of the mutant gang chooses to go ice skating for some mysterious factor — not that it matters due to the fact that seeing Wolverine on a set of skates is as wonderful as it might perhaps be. The group needs to deal with some undesirable Morlocks in the drain while looking for a blood transfusion for a seriously hurt Leech. All we can state about the remainder of the episode is the X-Men actually are fortunate Storm is on their side.

Does the episode make a great deal of sense? Not actually. Does it matter? Nope. This is pure, sweet Christmas enjoyable.

X-Men: The Animated Series is offered to stream on Disney Plus.

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