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8BitDo Reveals its new Ultimate Controller for Nintendo Switch

Now you’re playing with “ultimate” power.

8BitDo - Ultimate Controller - Hero tile

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is considered to be rather comfortable and robust, but it lacks the true “pro” features of other such controllers like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and the newly-unveiled DualSense Edge. Those controllers are targeted at more hardcore gamers, featuring extra buttons, custom profiles, and more. Thus, 8BitDo, a popular peripheral maker, is stepping in to give Switch players a small taste of this more “premium side” of gaming with its new Ultimate Controller.

The new Ultimate Controller for has a slew of features, including custom profile switching (three can be saved at a time), various connectivity modes (wired, Bluetooth, and wireless USB), along with two back-paddles and “hall effect sensing” joysticks. It’s basically a joystick that uses contactless magnets which eliminates the chances of developing stick drift.

Additionally, the Ultimate Controller has analog triggers (something all official Switch controllers lack), along with motion controls and rumble motors.

Adding to its already decent amount of value, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller will not only support the Switch, but PCs too (Windows 10 and higher). So, you can use it between devices with ease.

There’s also the Ultimate Software that has both a PC and mobile app that allows users to make all sorts of adjustments, including customizing the button mapping, altering the sensitivity of both sticks and triggers, and also fine-tuning the vibration control. Macro creation is also housed here, as well as the aforementioned custom controller profiles.

8BitDo - Ultimate Controller - Rear view

Sporting two ways to charge, either via its Charging Dock or via its USB-C port, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller can be topped off after 22 hours of playtime.

This battery life isn’t as crazy as the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which can go for about 40 hours. Still, this is more than enough for multiple long sessions, and having a dedicated Charging Dock allows you to keep the controller topped up anytime you’re not using it.

8BitDo is targeting the Pro Controller outright, having put the Ultimate Controller’s price tag at the same MSRP of $69.99 USD. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon in either black or white, and will fully release on October 28, 2022.

Interestingly enough, there’s also a sister controller to this which is called the Ultimate Wireless Controller (which is a bit odd, considering the last one is also wireless).

It’s practically the same controller, except it’s targeted at Android and Raspberry Pi players, in addition to PC users. Its battery life is also smaller, coming in at only 15 hours, and it also lacks motion controls and the hall effect joysticks. That said, it features everything else the Ultimate Controller for Switch does. The few omissions do drop the price to $49.99, however. It will also release on October 28, 2022.

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