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7 Games To Be Removed

It is not rare for gaming services like Xbox Game Pass to rotate games in and out of the library to make room for new ones. Today, Microsoft is gearing up to replace seven games with the new batch that is set to release in April. In a new update, 7 games are being removed from Xbox GamePass.

Xbox Game Pass: What’s leaving and What’s Coming in April

Microsoft has revealed that the last group of games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass this month. As of March 31, seven games will no longer be available on the service. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have until the end of the day to play these games before they are removed.

Regularly, Microsoft introduces new games to its subscription service. For Example, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, A Soulslike RPG, was added to Xbox Game Pass right when it was released in early March. Game Pass also includes a variety of other popular games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Valheim, and Monster Hunter Rise.

A total of seven games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of March. These games are A Memoir Blue, Chinatown Detective Agency, Clustertruck, Double Dragon Neon, Kraken Academy, MLB The Show 22, and Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid. Previously, it was also announced that The Long Dark would also be removed after 3 years of being on the service.

To continue playing these games, players can purchase them at a 20% discount, but the offer will only be available until the end of today. Some of these games are currently included in this week’s Xbox Sales and are available at a discounted price until April 4th.

Although these titles are no longer available on Xbox GamePass, Microsoft has already announced new games that will be added to the service in April. 

Additionally, Microsoft has revealed that the Pokemon-inspired game, Cassette Beasts will be added to the PC version on April 26.

What are your thoughts on the seven titles being removed from Xbox GamePass? Are any of your favorites on the list? Let us know in the comment box below. Stay tuned for further updates only on NerdStash.

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