6 years after their son died, parents still miss his absence more now than ever | News

6 years have actually passed given that Central Michigan College student Ryan Tsatsos was the victim of a hit-and-run and the motorist has actually never ever been captured.

“Time has moved on, but our time stopped. Even though we get up and go to work every day, and the years we flip the calendar, we still feel like it’s 2015,” stated Julie Tsatsos.

Oct. 31 of 2015 is the night when time picked up Julie and Paul Tsatsos.

“All through Halloween night we were texting,” Julie Tsatsos.

Her and her kid Ryan, who was freshman at Central Michigan University.

“I sent a heart and then I got no response. And that’s when my heart sank,” Julie Tsatsos stated.

Her maternal impulse informed her something was extremely incorrect.

“Around what, 1:30, 2:00? The authorities concerned the door. Which’s when I stated, ‘no, you cannot be informing me something is incorrect with Ryan,'” Julie Tsatsos said.

Police informed her that her 17-year-old son Ryan, had been killed in a hit and run just after midnight.

“I could not think that was taking place once again,” Julie Tsatsos.

She said, “once again,” because finding out about Ryan’s death was like Deja Vu. Three months earlier, their other son, Darryl, died in a car crash.

“Very same time, 2:30 in the early morning, Sunday early morning,” Paul Tsatsos said.

“We needed to pertain to the healthcare facility,” Julie Tsatsos said.

“Nearly similar,” Paul Tsatsos said.

Julie and Paul, mourning the death of one son, were facing the prospect of having lost both of their children. Julie said a silver lining, Ryan saved someone else’s life right before his death.

“She was strolling to the left of him, he got her and tossed her to the field, and because time, that’s when he got struck,” Julie Tsatsos.

The Tsatsos’ describe Ryan as a selfless person with a disposition that could brighten anyone’s mood.

“He would do anything for anyone,” Julie Tsatsos said.

“That transmittable laugh he had. He had this laugh that you could not assist, I do not care what state of mind you remained in, you simply needed to laugh with him,” Paul Tsatsos said.

The case remains unsolved, and Ryan’s parents await the answers to questions they have been asking for years like Who did it?

“I do not understand how they sleep during the night,” Julie Tsatsos said.

With only memories left of Ryan, they have faith that one day they will reunite.

“The hope of seeing him once again when our day has actually come, that’s the only thing that keeps us going. If I didn’t have that. It’s vacuum,” Julie Tsatsos stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.