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5 Best Leg Exercise Machine to Use on Lower Body Day

Incorporation of leg exercise machine in your lower body routine can amp up your exercise regimen. There are many leg exercise machines that can help you get toned and strong.

In this article, we have curated a list of the best leg exercise machine that you should incorporate in your lower body routine.

Best Leg Exercise Machine for Lower Body

Exercise for lower body (Image via Unsplash/Intenza Fitness)
Exercise for lower body (Image via Unsplash/Intenza Fitness)

Here’s a look at five such exercises:

1) Leg Press Machine

It’s a highly effective leg exercise machine and one of the most popular ones. It’s a great exercise choice to promote muscle gain in the lower body. The varied foot placements on the machine help target the leg muscles in a unique manner.

How to use leg press machine:

  • Take your position on the machine with your head and back pressed onto the padded support.
  • Position your feet apart at hip distance on the footplate, with the knees forming a 90-degree angle.
  • With the abdominals engaged, drive the platform of the machine away from you with your feet.
  • Make sure the upper torso remains pressed against the surface as you extend your legs in a slow and controlled manner.
  • Pause before slowly reversing the movement. Repeat.

2) Leg Extension Machine

It’s another great leg exercise machine that’s classic for the development of the lower body.

It’s a pretty great exercise for beginners to develop strength in the lower body, and you can eventually try more advanced weight lifting exercises. Leg extension machines work unilaterally on both sides, which help in correcting any muscle imbalance.

How to use a leg extension machine:

  • Begin in a seated position on the leg extension machine with the pad secured at the ankles and knees bent at 90 degrees.
  • Position your palms on the handle bars before raising the weight so that the legs are almost extended. Make sure you don’t arch your back throughout the movement.
  • Bring the weight back to the starting position, and repeat.

3) Calf Raise Machine

It’s another decent leg exercise machine that provides a multitude of benefits including greater ankle stability, isolation of the calves, improved ankle mobility, enhanced ankle flexibility, and increased lower body strength.

How to use a calf raise machine:

  • Begin in a seated position with the knee pads positioned barely beneath the knees.
  • Position the balls of your feet on the foot plate, with your heels in a hanging position over the edge.
  • Push your feet so that the calves are completely extended. Lower them so that the heels are beneath the foot plate.
  • Reverse the movement, and repeat.

4) Leg Curl Machine

This is another good leg exercise machine for the lower body, as it works on the three major muscle groups, including the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and biceps femoris.

This exercise can also help in strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. Regularly performing this exercise can help in improving performance in athletics and power-based activities too.

How to use a leg curl machine:

  • Begin by lying down on your belly on the machine, with the legs fully stretched.
  • The roller pad should be positioned above your heels as you grasp the support handles with your palms.
  • Flex both knees, and bring your ankles closer to your butt. The hips should remain pressed onto the ground.
  • In a controlled movement, bring your body back to the starting position, and repeat.

5) Smith Machine

It’s a popular leg exercise machine in gyms to work on the lower body. You can perform a variety of exercises using this machine, including hip thrusts, deadlifts, squats, and lunges. This machine is similar to a squat rack, except for the fixed barbell, which slides down and up in the carriage system.

How to use a Smith Machine:

It can be used to perform a variety of exercises. You just need to position yourself under the machine. For instance, you can do barbell squats by positioning the barbell on your upper back and then squatting.

Bottom Line

Lunge exercises (Image via Unsplash/Sergio Carpentiero)
Lunge exercises (Image via Unsplash/Sergio Carpentiero)

The aforementioned best leg exercise machines must be added to your workout regimen for the lower body. There are a variety of options to train the body, which can help in both strengthening and toning.

These machines work on the lower body in a unique manner. These are versatile exercises that you should include in your leg workout routine. Some benefits of leg exercise machines include increased muscle mass in the lower body, greater muscle definition, increased power in the lower body, and more.

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