3 mistakes Bears, Ryan Pace need to avoid

3 errors Bears, Ryan Speed require to prevent in draft initially appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The minute we’ve all been awaiting is lastly, almost here. We are formally in 2021 NFL Draft Week. We are 4 days far from understanding if Andy Dalton is actually going to enter into the season as the uncontested QB1, or if Ryan Speed will trade up in the preliminary yet once again to generate a novice quarterback. We are one day far from understanding if the Bears decide to stick at No. 20 to prepare an effect gamer, or if they decide to return and obtain a lot more draft choices. There are limitless concerns surrounding the Bears this draft season, and we are lastly one day far from getting some responses.

Given That there are many concerns, and a number of locations of requirement to address, there are various courses Speed and the Bears can take this year in the draft. Since there are many various things they can do, there will be a number of “right answers” with whatever it is they choose to do with the No. 20 choice and beyond. At the very same time there are a couple of things Speed and the group need to prevent, or they risk of setting the franchise back. A great deal of these will appear like no-brainers, however it’s worth going over nevertheless, since as we understand, anything can occur on draft night.

Draft finest gamer readily available, over positional requirement

We state it every year. Speed states it every year. The Bears’ strategy heading into the draft requires to be choosing the very best gamer on the board, no matter their position. Yes, quarterback, offending deal with, pass receiver and cornerback will all be circled around and highlighted in the war space, however they can’t focus too greatly on any of those positions. Let’s state there’s a huge work on offending lineman leading up to the Bears’ choice, Speed can’t worry and reach on a take on beyond his grade— rather he must capitalize and scoop up a more-highly graded gamer at a various position. There are just a lot of holes on this lineup to lock into one position group.

Bears cannot lose out on a quarterback

It appears like a considered that the Bears will prepare a quarterback this year, however Speed stated he believed it was a great concept to prepare a quarterback every offseason, and has actually just done it as soon as. To be reasonable, outside the 2017 draft, the Bears haven’t had a burning requirement for a young QB. However they do now, and will likely require to reach to get one. I understand in the previous paragraph I stated the group can’t worry and choose a gamer greater than his draft grade, however with quarterbacks that’s a various story. There’s a lot examination and need surrounding the position, that reaching to get a man is practically needed. However that leads us right to our next point…

Don’t mortgage the future for anybody not called Russell Wilson

If Speed chooses to go all-in on a first-round quarterback, there need to be a sensible ceiling to what he quits in order to go up. Trading the No. 20 choice, plus a 3rd- or fourth-rounder in 2021 and future first-rounder is sensible to take another swing at a top-tier quarterback. However quiting something like 3 first-rounders might spell catastrophe if the group can’t establish that novice QB into a legitimate starter, once again. Now if the rumors are true and a potential Russell Wilson deal isn’t totally dead, that’s a different story. He’s a proven commodity, and absolutely worth the multiple first-round draft pick price tag, which is more than even the most highly-touted QB prospect can say. Wilson would instantly make the Bears perennial playoff contenders and the opportunity to add a quarterback of his caliber rarely comes along.

It may seem like common sense to follow these 3 guidelines, but when draft day finally comes along crazy things happen, and crazy decisions are made. However, if the Bears stay the course and make reasonable moves, they might set themselves as much as enhance in 2021.

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