21 Chinese miners trapped by underground flood in Xinjiang coal mine

A part of the mine flooded resulting in power interruptions simply after 6 p.m. regional time Saturday when 29 miners were operating at the mine situated in Xinjiang’s Hutubi county, the report stated.

In a different report, state media outlet Global Times stated 12 of the miners who stay caught have actually been found in the mine since Sunday and are anticipated to be saved, while an additional 9 employees have actually not lain.

Rescue workers stand near a banner which reads "home is waiting for your return" at the entrance to a flooded coal mine in Hutubi county in Xinjiang on Sunday.

Chinese mines are amongst the most dangerous worldwide.

10 gold miners were validated dead in January following a surge in a mine in China’s seaside Shandong province.

In December in 2015, 23 individuals were eliminated after being caught in a mine in the southwestern city of Chongqing. 3 months previously, 16 individuals passed away in a different coal mine in the very same location.

State media on Sunday stated rescue efforts in the Xinjiang mine were continuous.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.