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2022 Tokyo Pro Results and Scorecards – Fitness Volt

The 2022 Tokyo Pro took place on August 27, 2022, in Tokyo, Japan. Two bodybuilding divisions were featured at this show. Competitors from Men’s Physique and Bikini took to the stage looking to earn the invitation to compete at Mr. Olympia in December. 

The 2022 season of bodybuilding is underway with athletes gathering from around the world, presenting their physiques, in hopes to secure a coveted invitation to the Olympia contest this winter. 2022 Olympia will take place from Dec. 15th – 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The qualification period for the biggest IFBB Pro League show of the year began September 13, 2021, and runs until November 20, 2022. Find a full list of winners from the Tokyo Pro below:

2022 Tokyo Pro Winners 

  • Men’s Physique: Shun Kaneko
  • Bikini: Yurika Shigemoto

2022 Tokyo Pro Results

Men’s Physique

  • Winner — Shun Kaneko
  • Second Place — Edward Kato
  • Third Place — Tomohito Koike
  • Fourth Place — Shogo Sato
  • Fifth Place — Yukihiro Yausa
  • Sixth Place — Seungho Chae
  • Seventh Place — Shoichi Hirokawa
  • Eighth Place — Li-Hsuan Liu
  • Ninth Place — Farouq Ishimoto
  • Tenth Place — Naoto Takemoto


  • Winner — Yurika Shigemoto
  • Second Place — Elzaveta Shmukler
  • Third Place — Asaka Kimura
  • Fourth Place — Min Hee Baek
  • Fifth Place — Yume Kurokawa
  • Sixth Place — Miharu Kurachi
  • Seventh Place — Bridget Bailey
  • Eighth Place — Bola Seo
  • Ninth Place — Hikaru Sarah Nishide Dundore
  • Tenth Place — Noriko Ohara 

2022 Tokyo Pro Scorecards

2022 Tokyo Pro Mens Physique
2022 Tokyo Pro Mens Physique
2022 Tokyo Pro Bikini
2022 Tokyo Pro Bikini

The upcoming Mr. Olympia lineup continues to add talent. Fitness Volt congratulates the winners on their impressive victories!

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