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2022 Monterey Car Week Debuts

Anchored by the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Monterey, California Car Week has become more than just a showcase of the top collector cars in the world. It’s also the collector car auction capital of the summer and a place where automakers from around the world debut both concepts and upcoming models.

Here are some of this Monterey Car Week’s biggest debuts:

Acura Precision EV Concept

Though Acura calls it a concept, there’s little doubt that the Acura Precision EV Concept is a thinly disguised debut of the all-new Acura ZDX electric crossover. The ZDX will be designed inside and out by Acura but built by General Motors using its Ultium platform, motors and battery packs.

The ZDX is expected to arrive in 2024. We don’t yet have any performance, range, or pricing for the electric SUV.

Bugatti Mistral

The Bugatti Mistral marks the end of an era for the French automaker. It will be the last model to use the Chiron’s massive pure-gasoline 8.0-liter 1,578-horsepower W16 gasoline engine. It’s expected that hybrid powertrains will propel future Bugattis.

Named for a wind that flows over the French Riviera, the Mistral is a two-seat roadster with a low windshield and an elegantly crafted interior. It’s expected to be priced around $5 million, but you can’t buy one. The entire production run is already sold out.

Cadillac Celestiq

The Monterey Car Week marked the public debut of Cadillac’s new electric flagship. Still in “Show Car” form, hand-built examples of the 2025 Cadillac Celestiq are expected to be delivered to customers in late 2024.

Riding on the same General Motors Ultium architecture that underpins vehicles ranging from the GMC Hummer EV pickup to the Cadillac Lyric crossover, the Celestiq is a low-slung fastback with an expected price tag of around $300,000. That will make it, by far, the most expensive new Cadillac model ever sold.

Bentley Mulliner Batur

Monterey Car Week

The artists of Bentley’s Mulliner coachworks operation brought a new extremely limited-production grand touring car to the Monterey Peninsula this year. The Bentley Mulliner Batur features an unembellished design expected to find its way onto future production models.

Under the hood of the grand touring coupe is a W12 engine that produces something in the range of 730 horsepower. The car strives toward increased sustainability by offering structural components made from flax instead of carbon fiber, sustainably produced leathers and leather alternatives, plus carpets made with recycled yarn.

The company will build 18 production Batur models. According to Bentley, they’re all sold.

DeLorean Alpha5

The DeLorean Alpha5 electric sports car made its public debut during this year’s Monterey Car Week. It has little in common with the original DMC-12 made famous as the time machine in “Back to the Future,” though DeLorean says it can accelerate from zero to 88 mph in just 4.35 seconds,

Unlike the original, today’s DeLorean seats four, with both the front and back seats accessed by large gull-wing doors. The all-new car is expected to have a range of 300 miles or more. The company expects production to start in 2024.

The Alpha5 was displayed alongside a pair of new DeLorean concepts at a private event. One was a shooting brake (wagon) version of the Alpha5, while the other was a wild electric off-roader.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe

With a long stance and an interior that looks ready for production, the Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept showed off its cabin at the Monterey Car Week. An athletic grand touring take on the company’s acclaimed design, the oddly named X Speedium Coupe is still a concept. It will likely remain so, with only elements of its look making it to production models.

Kia EV6 GT

Not long ago, the idea of a Kia taking the spotlight in Monterey would be met with haughty laughter. My, how things have changed. The Korean automaker took the event as an opportunity to debut the Kia EV6 GT. It’s a four-door electric hot hatch with a two-motor powertrain that produces 576 horsepower.

Based on the standard Kia EV6, the EV6 GT can leap from zero to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, according to Kia. The company says it tops out at a track speed of 161 mph. There’s a drift mode for buyers with large tire replacement budgets. It arrives at dealers late this year.

Meyers Manx 2.0 EV

America’s original “dune buggy,” the Meyers Manx, is coming back in 2024 as an electric vehicle. Displayed to the public for the first time during Monterey Car Week, the Meyers Manx 2.0 EV. The open-air off-roader will feature two motors feeding power to the rear wheels. Ranges of up to 300 miles on a single charge are expected.

The company plans to put 50 models in the hands of 50 customers in 2023. They’ll act as beta testers before full production and public sales start in 2024.

Lincoln L100

Lincoln L100 Computer-generated concept vehicle shown. Not available for purchase

Lincoln L100 ConceptFord Motor Company

While century-old antique Lincolns were on display at Pebble Beach, one of the most futuristic concept cars seen on the peninsula during Monterey Car Week also carried the Lincoln badge. The Lincoln L100 Concept strives to create a future vision of electric mobility.

Lincoln envisions the L100 as an autonomous car with a sanctuary-like cabin and a state-of-the-art electric powertrain. While the vehicle itself will never make it to production, you can expect it to make a mark on the designs and technologies found on road-going Lincoln production models.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II

The newest model from Rolls-Royce made its North American debut at “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering” during Monterey Car Week. The company’s flagship sedan, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II will offer customers the highest level of customization offerings of any Rolls-Royce to date. The car’s look has been refreshed and subtly modernized in its latest version.

It’s a car that you don’t merely buy, but instead you commission.

The Story Continues …

Of course, these were just a few of the vehicles showcased in and around the Monterey Peninsula this year. There were also new and updated supercars from SCC, Hennessey and Aston Martin. BMW, Lucid and others showcased new trims of current models.

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