2 men on motorcycles lead Kenosha County officials on 100 mph pursuit

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) — 2 boys, ages 19 and 20, are implicated of leading Kenosha County authorities on a pursuit that went beyond 100 miles per hour. The 2 males were on motorbikes. 

According to a criminal grievance, on Might 13, authorities got a call about 2 motorbikes taking a trip on State Highway 31 at a high rate of speed. The caller showed the motorcyclists were weaving in and out of early morning heavy traffic traffic and thought they were going upwards of 80 miles per hour. 

Authorities state a Kenosha County Constable’s Department deputy waited in1500 block of State Highway 31 to attempt and track their speed. Prior to they approached, the deputy triggered his emergency situation lights and sirens. The criminal grievance states both motorbikes passed the team and the deputy might “hear their engines accelerate more” as he relied on pursue them. 

At this time, authorities state both a Wisconsin State Patrol team and Kenosha County constable’s team were pursuing the motorbikes. Both reported getting speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. 

The criminal grievance states the deputy observed the motorcyclists weaving in and out of rush hour still driving over 100 miles per hour. The pursuit was ended when they approached building and construction in the 400 block of Highway 31. 

After the pursuit ended, the Kenosha County deputy continued northbound on Highway 31 and discovered both motorbikes were stopped on Highway KR and Highway 31. The deputy observed among the bikes was scuffed up therefore was the motorist. Authorities state the motorist confessed he crashed followed the pursuit. 

Authorities recognized the 2 males as 19-year-old Bradley Krok and 20-year-old Joshua Brey. 

According to the criminal grievance, the set specified they simply left work and had a “very stressful day.” Brey informed authorities he and Krok were simply “trying to blow off some steam and obviously did it in the wrong way.” 

Authorities state Brey confessed to seeing the team behind them with lights flashing however “followed Krok’s lead” and sped up behind him.

Both males were collared and reserved into the Kenosha County Prison on charges of 2nd degree recklessly threatening security and trying to leave or avoid an officer.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.