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150+ Date Night Ideas for a Fun Time

Sometimes days and weeks can go by, and we forget to do something fun and out of the ordinary with our favorite person. When was the last time you had a night off from responsibilities? Let’s talk evenings out—we’ve got 150 date night ideas that will bring you and your plus one even closer together!

Date night can be just about anything, as long as it’s done with intention. Maybe you’ve been busy and a night in sounds great. Or maybe you’re wanting to learn a new hobby or take a new class, and it might be fun to do it together! Find yourself just the right adventure, and get it on the calendar (don’t forget to book a babysitter if needed!). When considering your options, consider the things you both like—maybe books or food or exercise. If it’s been forever since you’ve seen another couple you’re friends with, invite them to join in.

Talk it over. Use this list of 150+ date night options to get the conversation going. Hey, eliminating things you most certainly do not want to do will also be helpful! Remember the most important thing is being together, and doing those things that make you the unique couple you are. Here are 150+ evenings out just for you. Have fun!

150+ Date Night Ideas

1. Go hear a local band

It’s amazing the talent that goes undiscovered, and they might be in your local pub.

2. Visit a farmer’s market

This might be seasonal in your area, but it’s becoming common to find these year-round, and for extended hours. What a great way to learn what foods are actually in season.

3. Take a cooking class

While skill levels can vary here, the best part about a cooking class is you get to eat what you make. Then, practice some more at home.

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