14-year-old arrested at Bentonville High School for bringing gun to school

The trainee was jailed Thursday early morning by resource officers on-campus.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A 14-year-old was jailed at Bentonville High School Thursday (Feb. 4) early morning after presumably bringing a weapon to school. School authorities and authorities credit another trainee for notifying them about the circumstance. 

According to Bentonville Cops, at roughly 9:30 a.m., school resource officers (SRO’s) jailed the trainee. 

Cops state another trainee reported that the jailed trainee may have had a gun. 

The trainee with the weapon was rapidly found by SRO’s, and a 9MM pistol was recuperated from his individual without event. 

According to authorities, the trainee jailed made no risks of violence versus other trainees or personnel at Bentonville High School. 

Bentonville Schools Superintendent Dr. Debbie Jones sent out an alert out to moms and dads right now describing the circumstance. 

In the alert, Jones asked moms and dads to speak with their trainees about the significance of speaking out if they see something incorrect on school. 

“This incident is alarming to me and I know it is to you as well,” Jones stated in the release. “Please talk with your student about the importance of speaking up as our student did today.”

The identity of the trainee has actually not been launched. 

Jones states the trainee jailed will be expelled from school for one year. 

Bentonville Schools has a See Something, State Something Hotline (479-367-8080) where trainees and moms and dads can report issues about on-campus security issues. 

Bentonville Cops and Bentonville High School authorities will continue to examine the circumstance. 

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.