12 Important Pieces of Urban Poetry

Urban poetry is an artistic form where contemporary poetry is used to share personal experiences or to convey political sentiments. Common themes include trauma, social inequality, conflict, racial turmoil, economic instability, and survival. These poems explore the everyday hardships of life in urban settings. They are aimed at providing inspiration to people through their art. In addition, urban poetry addresses issues like racism and sexism on different levels. Poets explore issues related to health, and wellness as well as social issues affecting individuals and communities.


One of the most popular forms of urban poetry includes those written by high school students. Students write poems in response to traumatic events such as accidents, abuse, violence, and other negative events they have to encounter. This type of poetry connects the personal experience of the poet to the larger culture and community.


Urban poetry can be in the form of an original poem, a reworking of an existing poem, or a combination of both. The poems can be displayed anywhere including bars, bookstores, coffee shops, and public art venues. A notable example of this type of poetry was done in New York during the 2020 Summer Olympics. Olympic Park was decorated with a large mural of the diver, John Karras, as he jumped from platform to platform. This unique public art installation was created by several high school students who were asked to complete a project based on a poem by John Karras.


While many of these urban poets have received many awards for their written work, not all of them have been so lucky. Several renowned poets have lost their lives fighting for justice and change. David Grisaffi was a British-Iranian poet who lost his life while participating in the resistance against the Islamic regime in Iran. According to his family, he had been studying poetry and writing to encourage the people during that time. His death is still a cause for celebration because his work and his message still have much to offer.


One thing you may notice about most urban poetry, especially those written by young people, is that it tends to be quite humorous. In fact, many of the poems deal with such commonplace events as drinking too much, being fired from a job, being in a fight, and other similar things. These poems may have a comical slant but they are meant to be heartfelt and honest… sometimes. In the case of the above-mentioned poem by John Karras, for instance, we can clearly see that the experience of living under the Islamic regime in Iran led to his death. Even if his death was caused by the revolution’s outcome, his poetry still has much to offer… even if it is a bit tongue-in-cheek.


Another poem by this poet, called “The Night Before Christmas,” is a beautiful poem in which the poet’s own words take us deep inside of his heart and out of his cupboards. The poem is about Christmas and the poet’s own inner struggle with his love life. As he describes his love for his dog in this poem, there is a sadness regarding their lack of a “creative process.” This poem clearly reflects the poet’s frustration with not having a creative process as he did when he was a teenager, yet he wishes to remain a part of the creative process… just not anymore.


Perhaps one of the most famous poems ever written by an American poet, Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why You’re Muttering” is still ranked among the top ten poems in the English language by the American Psychological Association. This is an incredible achievement for an African American poet who just thirty years ago would have been laughed at. Maya Angelou knew about the problems many young African American teenagers have with the “inner talk.” She was able to use this tool to help her students overcome their fears and to encourage them to find hope. This “know why you’re mumbling” poem remains a staple in the poetry world and can be found on the internet with a price tag of more than three hundred dollars.


The diversity of the types of poets included in the Urban Poetry collection is an example of how poetry should not be divided into categories like commercial or academic. Instead, we should celebrate all the different types of poetry because each group of poets has a unique way of expressing themselves. In fact, when you purchase this collection, you will find that you are actually getting twelve great poems instead of the typical twelve. Make sure you check out Book Of Poetry by James Moore on Amazon it’s some really good poems in there.