1/6 Committee May Refer Trump For Prosecution On Dereliction Of Duty Charge

1/6 Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) stated that the committee is examining Trump and might criminally refer him for dereliction of task.

The Washington Post reported:

He stated the president’s postponed reaction to the Capitol attack might be a consider choosing whether to make a criminal recommendation, which is when Congress notifies the Justice Department it thinks a criminal activity has actually been dedicated. It would depend on federal district attorneys to choose whether to pursue a charge.

“That dereliction of duty causes us real concern,” Thompson stated. “And one of those concerns is that whether or not it was intentional, and whether or not that lack of attention for that longer period of time, would warrant a referral.”

The pressure on the Justice Department to prosecute Trump would be massive. The reason that the committee is digging so deeply into what Trump was doing while the Capitol was under attack is that they are attempting to find out if a criminal activity was dedicated.

A criminal recommendation of Trump to the DOJ would turn American politics on its ear. The committee wishes to talk with individuals who Trump touched with due to the fact that they are attempting to identify the inspiration behind his inactiveness.

It would be a present to democracy if Donald Trump was referred for prosecution.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.